Luxor Dental Plans offers outstanding cost-savings for both you & the family!

Are You Looking for Dental Coverage?

Finding a low-cost, high quality dental plan can be tough; it is not, however, the case with Luxor Dental Plans!

Welcome to Luxor Dental Plans, Inc.

Luxor Dental Plans is a Dental Service organization that designs, markets, and administers managed dental care plans to assist communities in maintaining good oral health. Luxor Dental Plans has entered into agreements with various dentists to provide high quality dental services, with outstanding cost-savings to eligible members and their families.

We Pre-Screen Each Dentist

Luxor Dental Plans and our network of dentists really care about putting customer service first! It is our privilege to work with our terrific dentists in Hawaii that meet our mission of expanding access to great oral health care to as many who need it. Luxor Dental Plans only contracts with dentists who meet our credentialing standards. Each dentist is pre-screened and each office is thoroughly evaluated prior to being accepted into our network.

Choice of Network Dentists

Through a select set of plans, you and your eligible dependents can each select a network dentist to provide and coordinate your dental care. Dental care is provided through an extensive network of contracted general dentists and specialty dental care providers that share the same passion for care and customer service, as we do. It's our hope that using one of our plans with one of our network dentists puts a huge smile on your face!

Luxor Dental Plans is Perfect for Those Who:

  • Are un-insured or under-insured
  • Do not have access to a dental plan through an employer
  • Have prior dental conditions
  • Do not want the annual limit for their current dental program
  • Want to save more money on their dental work

Examples of Savings

  • Office Visit $7
  • Limited Oral Exam1 NO COST
  • X-Rays (7-8 film vertical bitewing)2 NO COST
  • Teeth Cleaning (Routine teeth cleaning every 6 mo.)3 $7.00
  • Diagnostic Casts NO COST
  • Fillings (Amalgam one surface) $10.00

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Benefits Include

  • Everyone is Accepted
  • No Limitations on Pre-existing Conditions (All pre-existing conditions covered immediately)4
  • No Age Limit (All seniors are eligible, dependent children up to 26)
  • No Monthly, Yearly or Lifetime Dollar Maximum
  • No Deductibles or Annual Fees
  • Affordability at Your Fingertips
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • 1) Detailed Exam = $22.00
  • 2) Other Bitewings = $14.30 - $32.50
  • 3) Cost of initial extensive cleaning = $46.00
  • 4) Except dental work currently in progress.

Why not give Luxor Dental Plans a try?
We think you'll find the savings on your next dental office visit bill something really great to smile about.

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